Sunday afternoon gaming

Socially distanced gaming outdoors in the glorious sunshine. Bit windy though, which means the terrain needs to be heavier.

Patrician Romans against Nikephorian Byzantine.

The battle turned into the normal Byzantine game of bloodless manoeuvre – why risk expensive well trained troops if you don’t have too. I had placed a large, difficult hill, which served its purpose in that by the end of the game I had one of my four commands bottling up two of his in a narrow defile worked well – unfortunately my other three commands still didn’t feel confident about taking on his remaining command – I had no rough terrain troops to contest the other edge of the difficult hill against his Ps(S), so was reduced to trying to kill them by shooting them off the hill, my Cv(S) didn’t fancy a frontal fight against his Kn(X), my Bw(X/O) didn’t fancy a frontal fight against his Bd(O), and I didn’t have enough PIPs to bring the Art(O) up fast enough.  Need to restructure the commands and PIP allocation for the army.

The Byzantine redepoyment starts as the Romans advance to clear the hill.
The Byzantines continue their redeployment (except for the infantry, who are on a work to rule.

Club suspended

Obviously the club is suspended at the moment, due to Covid restrictions. As soon as we are able to restart meetings, we will do so. Initially, we may have to chose 6 people who can meet and take turns to play, depending on the regs.