SoA Battle Day 2013 – The Battle of Chalons

Army lists for the Battle of the Catalaunian Fields, or Chalons, as fought at the Society of Ancients Battle Day 2013.

I decided that since there was very little in the way of detailed historical information for the battle, to just play it as a 9 contingent get-as-much-lead-on-the-table type battle, with the additional interest of some per-command victory conditions, rather than per-army victory conditions.

The 9 contingents were nominally divided into two sides – the Romand side and the Hunnic side, although they might have as much interest in the defeat of the contingents on their own side as on the other side.

The Roman contingents were:

  • Aetius, Magister Militum, Last of the Romans, Dux et Patricius.
  • Theodoric, King of the Visigoths.
  • Merovech, King of the Franks.
  • Gondoic, King of the Burgundians.
  • Sangiban, King of the Alans.

The Hunnic contingents were:

  • Attila, the Scourge of God, Great Khan of the Huns.
  • Ellac, Prince of the Huns.
  • Valamir, King of the Ostrogoths.
  • Ardaric, King of the Gepids.

The complete orders of battle are available after the break.

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