Another great game of Maurice last night, although not sure if Dave would agree with that.
Really enjoying the rules and the constraints imposed by the cards: I did a big assault to try and break his line at one point and found my assault getting more and more desperate as I threw in more and more units to keep the pressure on him but was running out of cards. Finally broke through the infantry but had a hole in my line, he had cavalry opposite and I had no cards left so I had to stop and draw more before I could bring up my reserves. Fortunately Dave didn’t exploit the gap and used the move to protect his flank but I think if he had I would have lost the game.
The card mechanism gives it a great tempo and forces you to cope like a
real general and also gives those pause that battles seem to have while nothing happens.
All in all a set of rules I am really loving. And the 6mm figures are looking better than I thought.